A chaos of sounds, noise and dissonance trying to knock you off your feet. That’s how Lisha describes the album she’s debuting this Fall. But in the midst of the chaos, she stands – the voice at the center of the narrative – holding on to the listener with every word.

“As uncompromising and boundless, I try to be in the making of my music, I’m also driven by the anxious emotions in the unpredictability of life. That’s what a song like ‘Breath By Breath’ is all about. The lyrics on ‘devotion’ are primarily about love; inaccessible, naive, frustrated and lost love – about letting go of it and learning to surrender yourself to its safety and care,” Lisha says.

’Breath By Breath’ and the other songs on ’devotion’ are all written by the piano in Lisha’s Copenhagen-flat and then developed from endless hours of playful experiments in the studio. The contrasts seem to be in constant motion in whatever Lisha does, leaving the listener wondering whether it’s a happy or broken heart singing.

However, there is never any doubt that in Lisha’s world there is room for diversity, that the boundaries of the expected can always be explored and pushed, while perhaps most of all the nerve lies in a never-ending struggle to find your way in life – a life that keeps pushing you over.