Olya Sonica‘s “I Wanna Be Your Clone” is a captivating journey through a song that effortlessly blends rock and pop, leaving listeners wanting more of her unique sound. This song is a testament to Olya’s artistry and showcases her ability to create a catchy and infectious melody that resonates with a wide audience.

The lyrics of the song take us on a sincere exploration of emotions and desires that are very easy to relate to and that recreate a real image of longing and self-discovery. The artist has said that the song was written after a conversation with an old friend “She was talking to me and everything she was saying was bringing me back to myself, out of the dark place into the light, she made me want to match that fierce energy of who I once was. I got on a train right after and I Wanna Be Your Clone started playing in my head.


The musical arrangements of I Wanna Be Your Clone are exceptional. The track begins with a guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The driving beat, combined with Olya’s powerful vocals, creates an instant classic that pays homage to the rock genre while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary vibe.


The chorus is particularly infectious:

You got me back

To something that I love

You got me back

To what I’m dreamin’ of

You got me back

To something that I’ve known

You got me back

I wanna be your clone

These lines are sure to stay with you long after the song ends, a testament to the song’s remarkable appeal.

As the track progresses, it becomes clear that I Wanna Be Your Clone is more than just a song, it is a testament to Olya’s artistic evolution and growth. The lyrics are a reflection of personal growth and transformation, capturing the essence of finding oneself through the influence and inspiration of another.

Olya’s journey began in New York, where she embraced American culture and language to pursue her passion for music. She quickly became part of the local music scene and embarked on tours with various projects. Despite the challenges, she persevered.

The pandemic, although disruptive, opened a new chapter in Olya’s career. She embarked on a solo adventure and her latest single, I Wanna Be Your Clone, is a testament to her artistic evolution. This song was born from a deep conversation with a friend and is an embodiment of personal growth and transformation.

Olya Sonica’s I Wanna Be Your Clone is a charming musical endeavor that leaves a lasting impact. It’s a song both nostalgic and fresh, an instant classic in its own right. As Olya continues her solo career and prepares for her upcoming debut album, “Alchemy” it is evident that her unique combination of talent, passion, and authenticity will continue to make waves in the music industry.