Photo Credit BillyZammit

Everyone’s favorite duo, Peking Duk (Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles) have released their festival-ready hit ‘Spend It’ ft. Circa Waves via BMG. 

Listen to ‘Spend It’ ft. Circa Waves HERE

‘Spend It’ ft. Circa Waves is a summer-staple earworm that smoothly melds together the slick vocals of British indie-pop outfit Circa Waves with the classic Peking Duk euphoric electronic sound that just gets better with each release.

Speaking on how the single came together, Peking Duk says, “We’ve been going on lots of writing trips to Stockholm and over the years made a bunch of mates along the way. Our Swedish mate Johann recently sent over a sick idea that sounded a lil bit like Miike Snow and reminded us of all the beautiful Swedish meatballs and great times we’ve had over there. Immediately we were pumped and got in the studio to start workshopping it. We absolutely froff Circa Waves and couldn’t be more excited to share this song with the world. ‘Spend It’ is an ode to the longing for wanting to be around someone so much that you wish time stopped when you were with them so it could last forever. We’ve all felt it so embrace it. x”

What’s your story as an artist? 

We are two lil stinky punks from canberra that want to make the world dance and cry at the same time. Tears of happiness of course.

What do you want your music to communicate?

I think that music should be interpreted however the listener wishes to. In saying that it blows our minds to hear stories of some of our songs helping people through their darkest times and lifting them up. To think that something we made in our bedroom has helped in some tiny way to even save some people’s lives is incredible. Music is powerful that’s fah sure.

Who is an artist that you look up to more than others today? – I think that Francis and the lights is an insanely talented and unique artist that tends to always find a way to hit new parts of your heart and soul with the emotion in his music. LOVE him.

Tell us about your latest release and how it came about 

Spend it is a dance bop about those magical moments with someone as you first begin to realize there is something special between you. Never wanting to let that feeling fade is a real thing. The tune started in Sweden and finished in LA. It had many life forms but the one we landed on is definitely the one. We got to road test it before releasing it and everytime that drop hit it felt right. We love it!

Reuben Styles: What are some sources of inspiration for your storytelling? Each song has a whole bunch of inspo sources. Like with our song Let You Down ft. Icono Pop it was kinda based on the story in the film Candy ft. Heath Ledger. 2 Heroin junkies trying to get through life together, and eventually heath’s character realises he’s only dragging down the love of his life and has to let her go. Studio Ghibli films are always fun for inspo. Westerns as well. Essentially lots of movies and film and other stories!

What’s the record or artist that made you realize you wanted to be an artist? 

Reuben Styles:Probably at the ripe age of 11 or so it would have been Blink 182, the mark tom and travis show…. It was just so raw and sooooo fun. Immediately I wanted to play guitar and write songs.