This is a collab you don’t wanna miss. 24-year-old Dallas, TX native Peter Manos teamed up with British GRAMMY winner producer Kindness to reinvent his own record ‘Do You Turn Red?”.

Peter has honed his skills as a one-stop shop singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and producer. You’ll hear open nods to Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, and James Blake in the mix, but you’ll hear even more that is distinctly Manos, from hypnotic cascades of guitar to curious samples to his deeply personal lyrics, equal parts diaristic share and poetic scrawl. 

The man packs a lot into his songs. Memories, realizations, and conversations with himself. Loss, warmth, hope, and loneliness All of it set to a slow swirl of alt-pop, indie R&B, and intimate folk.

Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined) reinvents each track from Manos’ debut EP, with Kindness’ arrangements further uncovering the soul that lives at the heart of Manos’ music. 

While Kindness—the project of artist, producer, and arranger Adam Bainbridge—has worked with artists as varied as Solange, Robyn, and Blood Orange, Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined) marks the first time the fiercely solo Manos has brought in an outside collaborator.

Peter’s RIAA Certified GOLD debut single “In My Head” has 350 Million streams and was named a ‘Song You Need To Know’ by Rolling Stone.

Here’s what he had to say about this exciting new project.

Photography: Alex Tan

Sonically, what inspired the reinvention of this record? 

I knew I wanted to work with Kindness on this project and they helped inspire the record. 

What was the part you enjoyed the most about making this new version? 

Being able to collaborate with someone who I respect as much as Adam (Kindness).  

What’s the best takeaway you got from working with Kindness? 

Just being able to see how their brain works and the decisions they made including how they mixed it on a SSL console. I just fully saw their genius throughout the process 

What do you love about Kindness’ music or previous work that inspired you to work with them? 

I love Kindness’ approach and arrangements along with sound selection and how they can pull from different genres and blend them into Kindness’ sound. 

How do you feel these reimagined versions change the dynamic or vibe of the original EP? 

They completely changed it because Kindness broke down the original EP and then built it back up from ground zero except for the vocals. Kindness is in a completely different part of the world surrounded by different cultures which impacts the sound of the music. 

What are some of your dream collaborations? 

Bon Iver, James Taylor, Jonny Greenwood 

What are you hoping to communicate with your music? 

My goal is to continue to break down the wall between me and the listener and create a language that people can understand is mine. 

What is next for you/what are you planning for this year? 

We have new music coming out soon after the Kindness tape and hopefully we play shows. 

How is your upcoming music a departure from your previous work? 

This new song is me letting go and the first song I’ve made in a period where I’ve been really learning to push my songs sonically as a producer, singer, and songwriter.