Inspired by the cult classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, the track is a hopeful love song that highlights DINER’s penchant for creating heartfelt and relatable pop music, showcases her enchanting vocal prowess, and reveals her as an exciting prospect this year.
Born in Portland, and now making waves in Los Angeles, DINER’s journey is as inspiring as her music. Her diverse influences including Broadway musicals, iconic rock and soulful pop voices all contribute to her unique pop, country, rock, folk fusion sound.

“Lasso The Moon” is inspired by a line from ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’ How did this particular quote influence the theme and lyrics of your song?

It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies of all time and I’ve always thought it was extremely romantic how he said he would “Lasso the Moon for Mary” and bring it down for her if she wanted it… I’ve been dying to write that song for a while now.

You mention that writing “Lasso The Moon” came from a place of vulnerability. Can you share more about the emotional journey you went through while writing this song?

It’s been really hard for me to write love songs because I’ve been jaded and single for a while and the dating scene is pretty rough.. So every session I’ve had over the past couple years I always come up with something else to write about.. but now it’s a little different 🙂

Your new single blends pop-country elements. How do you balance these genres in your music, and what challenges do you face in achieving the right blend?

I honestly don’t think about it… or try to think about those things..  we sit and we knock out the song.. whether it falls into a certain category or not… as long as it’s a little country I’m happy.

You’ve worked with Emily Reid and Kevin Bard on this track. How do their contributions shape the final sound of “Lasso The Moon”? They are the whole reason this song is what it is. Our writing sessions are so fast because we are such a good team and have amazing synergy. I brought them the idea of “Lasso the Moon” and we wrote the entire thing in less than 2 hours and recorded the demo that day. All of the vocals you hear on the final were recorded about an hour after we wrote it and I haven’t touched the song since. They’re an incredible team.

Reflecting on your unique upbringing in your family’s diner, how has this experience influenced your approach to music and songwriting?

I think I just try to carry the basic life of growing up in the diner everywhere I go. I remain grateful and in touch with myself and my roots and understand that there were people that were okay going to the same diner everyday and drinking the same cup of coffee and that you don’t need much more in life then that.

You’ve mentioned that your music is an escape and a way to dream up your favorite scenarios. Can you give us an insight into how this imaginative process works for you when creating new music?

I think reality can be so boring and we all have to wake up and live our adult lives.. so I always try to create an escape or day dream.. big princess dresses.. whimsical butterflies… baby birds and bunnies and big curly blonde hair.

With a diverse range of musical influences from Broadway to rock and soul, how do these genres manifest in your music, particularly in “Lasso The Moon”?

I’ve explored making all different kinds of music but I think I just naturally have a more corny hometown girl feel.. and that’s why country has been so fun for me is because there’s not a lot of pressure to be the next big popstar or rockstar it’s like.. I’m just writing to write about my life.. my simple life where the beautiful things and silly things are talked about, and the melody’s make me happy.  I want it to be an easy to listen to escape, but I definitely always find myself pulling from all of my backgrounds in music, especially when writing it just happens naturally.

You’re set to release your debut EP later this year. How does “Lasso The Moon” set the tone for what listeners can expect from the rest of the EP?

I don’t think it necessarily sets the tone… I think there’s a lot more cool things coming that don’t sound anything like it. Lasso the Moon is an element and a side to pop country music that I make, but I also have some country rock, country with 808’s and some alternative California country coming on the project as well. I’m excited for everyone to hear. I’m excited to welcome everyone to my world of music.