Photo by Jade Sadler

Bay Area-born, LA-based artist Chloe George shares her debut EP, Penny, via FADER Label, with new single “Sunny D” at the center.

Chloe George wants to feel everything, and she wants you to feel everything too. She values the emotive core of a song above all else, putting her in a lineage of greats as well as a new class of pop’s rule-breakers like Remi Wolf or Dominic Fike. Penny is seven tracks of consistently cool, sometimes eerie energy that feeds just perfectly into her left-of-center pop. 

What inspires your vibe and aesthetics?

It changes! During the time I was making this EP, I was really inspired by 90’s ads and fashion. I thrift a lot, and get inspired by any new clothes I find. I also get really inspired by old pics of my mom lol—I love seeing what she would be wearing at my age, she was hella stylish.

How do you approach the visual aspect of your project?

My main goal with visuals is to capture the emotion behind the song, and build a world out of that for anyone to jump into.  I just wanted to capture the overall themes of the whole EP—this push&pull between love and fear I was feeling in all arenas of my life. Each song came from either a place of surrendering or fear, and I wanted the visuals to relay that. This was the first time I did a full rollout, so it was definitely a learning curve for me in terms of building a whole world around the music, and finding ways to tie everything together. I’m so excited for the future now knowing what I know :))

What inspired Sunny D?

I wrote Sunny D at a time in my life where I was having a lot of realizations about my sexuality. I was noticing a lot of confusing thoughts and feelings that came with that. I feel like the outro lyric explains it the best: “it’s just easy to run. I don’t know who I am and I’m sorry.”

What’s a goal you really want to achieve as an artist?

My goal with music is always just to explore deeper parts of myself, and connect with others in the process. I really have been wanting to go on tour because I think seeing people hear my music in real time is such a special thing, and something you can only really experience while performing. I looooove singing live, and that’s where I fell in love with music and realized I wanted to be an artist. Can’t wait til I get to scream at people all over the world!!