Comedian and Television Personality Jessi Cruickshank has three kids, which in her opinion, is too many kids. In her debut stand-up special, MINIVAN MONEY, available exclusively on Veeps May 30th, Cruickshank kicks off the show shimmying while wearing a breast pump, setting the tone for a wild night, unlike any other comedy show you’ve seen before. With three young kids at home, Jessi gives her unique and hilarious take on parenthood, shares ‘Sexts With Her Husband’, showcases her talents as an “Underpants Medium” and asks her millennial-filled audience to throw their sad, used bras on stage. With roars from the crowd, old bras are thrown at Jessi until she crowns the saddest bra in Toronto.

What’s this special all about if you could put it into a one liner?

This special is a love letter to my millennial audience- it is filled with UNFILTERED takes on kids, parenting, thirsting after Preschool Dads, hooking up with Backstreet Boys, old underpants, sad bras and (very unsexy) Sexts from my husband.

What inspired you to come up with it in the first place?

I wrote this show after giving birth to my third child and starting touring it while she was still a newborn. (I pump breastmilk on stage not for comedy, but out of necessity.) I don’t know a lot of mothers of three kids under 5 doing stand up, so I had A LOT of material.

Plus, I realized very quickly that three kids is TOO MANY DAMN KIDS and Minivans are EXPENSIVE. This show is just an elaborate way for me to earn enough money to buy one.

What’s it like being a mom and a comedian all at once?

I’ve done two nation-wide tours as a stand-up comedian and don’t tell anyone… but touring is EASY compared to staying home with three kids. A hotel all to myself? Nobody jumping in my bed at 3am? No one bursting into the bathroom as I sit on the toilet? Nobody to take care of but ME? It’s HEAVEN. Plus I get to make people laugh for my JOB!? I feel so lucky and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What can we expect from your future?

I have a NEW TOUR launching this FALL- it’s a 2000’s theme so I hope everyone shows up in low rise jeans and Juicy Couture tracksuits. My podcast “Phone A Friend with Jessi Cruickshank” is bigger than ever, with guests like Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘NSYNC, Ilana Glazer and Dan Levy,  new episodes drop every Thursday and I’m always up to something on Instagram, find me @jessicruickshank !