You a submissive? Have some daddy issues? We put together a list of some of the hottest mega doms in history. These are certainly naughty boys, but morality aside, we can all appreciate and objectify them.

All are rated out of 5.

Fidel Castro

Nothing screams communism (besides the kulaks) like a bear beret combo. Giving off bad daddy vibes, Fidel Castro sports a scruffy beard and an appetite for revolution. Standing at 6’3 (meooooww), Castro was the longest-serving non-royal head of state in the 20th and 21st century.

Evading CIA assassination and maintaining a favorable image in the public eye, he obtained Doctor of Law from the University of Havana. While I like his color palette, goddamn this guy looks fuckin’ old. I mean, he’s like 30 and looks 50. Not my vibe, IDK about you.

Hot or not?


An iconic revolutionary dime piece, Che’s beret-scarf combo evokes a scruffy romantic Frenchman vibe. He graduated from University of Buenos Aires in Argentina with a medical degree and worked at a hospital in Mexico City, which earned him the reputation as something of an altruist working hard to make his anti-imperialist, Marxist dreams come true. 

He was known, however, for favoring “the shirt” which he would don for weeks on end, earning him the nickname “El Chancho” (“The Pig”). His use of color also leaves somethinig to be desired, although it may have been conducive to his Guerrilla lifestyle. His scruffy beard and lack of general hygiene seemed to be a staple among his comrades (see Fidel Castro), but this did not seem to have a negative impact on his pull with the ladies, as he fathered five kids (BDE?).

He seemed to have a thing for powerful women: his first wife, Hilda Gadea, was a Communist leader, author, and economist. His second wife, Aleida March, was quite a badass as well, an active combatant in both Che’s and Castro’s revolutions, mother to four of Che’s children, and a writer herself. Mad points for altruism and feminism my dude.

Hot or not?

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