“These songs are for my inner child. I would’ve loved to have them when I was a younger boy. On the cover of the record, you can see me leaning back as I grab my tie – to me, the image is a symbol of adulthood pulling at my neck. We’re all doing our best, fucking up, making mistakes, and going through the growing pains of each phase of life. Sometimes being a grown up is exciting and exhilarating, but sometimes it’s really, really hard.”

Rising LA pop sensation JORDY is holding nothing back with his awaited second full-length record ‘BOY’ arriving April 21st. MUNDANE met up with JORDY for an exclusive cover shoot to dig a little deeper into the artist’s inspiration, most representative tracks on the record, his relationship with his fans and much more.

Photography P.Mastro

Styling Branden Ruiz

Graphic Design Diana Flynn

Studio Eamon McGlynn‘s The Powder Room Studio

Interview Luca Di Fabio