“I want to spread love and light and joy,” says Nashville-based ‘Dreamer Boy’, matter-of-factly. And spread that he’s done, whether on the road with friends Clairo, Omar Apollo, and Still Woozy, or on the themes of his new release, All the Ways We Are Together

Dreamer Boy’s purpose has become clearer over time, and, in the spirit of unity and harmony, the Nashville-based singer and songwriter has chosen Earth Day, April 22, as his album’s release date. 

As part of the release, Taylor has made an Instagram page to encourage fans to take action with him on Earth Day, and he’s partnered with the local organization Root Nashville which aims to maintain and preserve the urban tree canopy in the city’s historically neglected neighborhoods. 

The record is ecstatically eclectic. There’s the lysergic R&B of the Melanie Faye collaboration “Let’s Hold Hands.”

I was such a big fan and I had her name on a whiteboard back in 2017 when I was working on Love, Nostalgia… Then we met at a showcase we both played at SXSW and she came up to me after the show and said she loved my set and we just got to talking and hit it off. 

We became friends and started to go to shows and shit in nashville and once “lets hold hands” came along as a song I knew she had to be on it. “

When we asked him about his creative process and how a song of his is born is stated clearly that he is “simply in love with songwriting. I am in love with the power of a great song.”

“Writing songs happens a couple different ways. Either I mumble over an instrumental that has already got a “vibe” lol and then I come back around to find how to fill in the phonetic with actual words. But my favorite songs are written separate from the music in ways.

They are scribbles in my journal that once in the studio, find their home in a song with the help from Bobby, my friend and producer I’ve worked with for the past 2 albums.’

His passion for art and self expression goes beyond music and writing songs, though. We actually found out he has quite a hungry palat for visual art and paintings.

“Painting is so fucking fire, there is a whole process and world there that has taught me alot about music. And I love any movie that can make me cry or just like really pretty movies that feel like an entire universe. 

There is this a french one called “goodbye first love” that inspired the entire “Don’t Be A Fool” music video. Not to be super pretentious but art is one of the biggest “whys” in my life. 

I want to make my life into an art form of some sort… God being the greatest artist of them all. Love to admire the art that is life and God’s hand in it. 

Harry Nilsons “The Point” and “Yellow Submarine” of course. Nah but I love the idea of being in a cartoon and this was the most fun thing ever. Shout out Maggie aka Magdelyne !!! Shes the GOAT! 

When we asked the most overwhelming questions ‘what’s in store for you in the future?’ he went to town.

“GRAMMY AWARDS BABY! Lol…. That would be wild! I just wanna go to the show in a crazy fit honestly.  Maybe one day I can put out a VR album who knows. All this future stuff is crazy overwhelming to me but I am hopeful. I’m an optimistic person I would say. For the meantime, ALL THE WAYS WE ARE TOGETHER THE ALBUM!!! EARTH DAY! Lots of love to y’all <3”