“Call It What You Want is all about ignoring people who try to drag you down. i wrote it after a silly rumour, that was more of a joke really got spread about me, it wasn’t deep or anything but something clicked in my brain that no matter what people spread about me, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day if i know it’s not true, so in that sense, this 5 minute joke of a rumour birthed a song that could be applied to much bigger situations and i think this mindset really helped build my confidence. 

My favourite lyric is probably, “so i will walk my walk, you can talk your talk” as it pretty much sums up the fierce and defiant attitude of the song, and this probably sounds weird, but in a more literal sense, i personally find a lot of power in “walking my walk”  as i go about my  life, doing a bit of a strut boosts that ‘fake it til you make it’ idea of confidence, so I think  listeners should listen to this song on the walk to the shops or something to channel this energy and see what happens!!  

This song is kinda cheeky both in lyrics and production; it’s the first time I put music to lyrics and I think the guitar captures some of that free, experimental freshness of my first attempt at creating a song. Essentially Call It What You Want is a middle finger to any haters out there, and I hope some of this attitude and fearlessness can be transferred to my listeners”