Photo: Luke Nugent

Singer/songwriter EMINZADA is a multi-dimensional artist with an exclusive style and powerful mindset. Originally from Baku City, Azerbaijan, EMINZADA has grown up with diversity in abundance, living between Azerbaijan, Turkey and the US, before making his move to London. 

Paying homage to his classical background in music composition, his music explores notions of camp, lust and escapism, representing freedom of art expression and his homeland’s musical culture and futurism, with his Azerbaijani heritage beaming proudly throughout.

The new single “Bloodline” is some of Eminzada’s most personal work to date. Touching on the desire to live authentically yourself, despite the concerns of your parents, the artist confesses that his life choices cannot be controlled by his family, regardless of their close bond. 

Singing, “Don’t try to stop me, I’m trying out my new wings, I’m flying above your head, You look so small from up here”, the artist speaks about walking away from the expectations that his culture and society have placed upon him, rising above everything that has been holding him back. 

Eminzada confides, “This song is definitely about my confession that I was raised in a certain way and how my parents always tried their best for me and now because of their hard work they put into raising me I need to live my life in a certain way as they wish.” 

“Lyrically it’s very personal. It’s all about my strong ties with my parents and my confession that bloodline is not a reason for them to control my life & choices.”