Though “My Darling” is Becca’s first single, the LA-born artist has garnered a significant following on social media (to the tune of over 3M followers) by posting covers and original demos. Her stunning vocals and songwriting that she shared on the platform also caught the attention of Full Stop Management, the management company behind such iconic acts including Harry Styles, Lizzo, Meghan Trainor and many more.  At only 19 years old, Becca has already found her stride as a songwriter, analyzing toxic relationships and emotional healing in her writing with the maturity of someone many years her senior.

Originally intended as a love song, Becca revisited “My Darling” following a toxic relationship and turned the track, which she wrote and co-produced, into a killer breakup anthem. Becca’s contempt for her former partner cuts through the song’s dreamy production with a razor-sharp edge, resulting in a track that makes you want to dance along and punch a wall simultaneously.

What inspired My Darling?

“My Darling” was originally a classic love song, but after a breakup I decided to switch it up and make it quite the opposite

You seem to mix a lot of old 60s influences with modern beats. What inspires your sound?

I grew up loving all types of music, but my personal favorite is the “bubblegum pop” and “Motown” genres.
I feel as though they have a perfect simplicity to them, and I love mixing old sounds and new sounds together to create a fun mix.

What’s the ultimate message of your music if you can pinpoint it?

I love writing songs about really hard times in my life, but in an upbeat and happy kind of way. I think my message to people that listen to my music is to let people know that they aren’t alone in the hard times, and that there are so many ways to help uplift, and see situations from an entirely different perspective.

How does your creative process work? Do you start from a melody, an idea or what?

My creative process changes allll the time, but I would say right now I like to sit down at the piano and just improv lots of different chord progressions and tempos, and I just see what sticks. From there, I will build the track out so that I have a good idea of what the songs vibe is and simultaneously write lyrics that seem to fit.

You have a big following on social media. What does that mean for an artist nowadays? Is it something you need to pursue in order to play in the big leagues?

I started social media with the intent of having fun and not taking it too seriously. Gaining followers was a big change in my life, and it helped me achieve a lot of my goals. I think there are many ways that an artist can share and promote music, and I don’t think anyone “needs a big following” to pursue music. I think it’s better to find something that sets you apart from other people and stay consistent with it.

What kind of relationship do you keep with your fans and followers?

I love to interact with my supporters like they are my friends, and I think that will never change. I love talking to people and getting feedback from fans of my art, because it creates a sense of community, and comfortability. I want people who support me to feel like they know who I am and know that I’m authentic to who I present myself as.