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French born DJ Karaba is the perfect example of how being exposed to a wide array of cultures, languages, sounds and traditions can strongly enhance and shape your artistry and creativity. Karaba tells MUNDANE all about it.

“Espoir” serves as not only the perfect bookend for the project but the third release from the SouvenirsEP, following “Nostalgie” and the intoxicating single “Le Sud En Ete”. The EP, a follow-up to last year’s debut EP Délivrance, finds Karaba ushering in the Summer through a nostalgic-tipped lens that defies genre. Although the project spans four tracks, it encapsulates Karaba’s unmitigated joy and devotion to sound as it continues to expand on Karaba’s Pan-African roots and bridges together a love for movement with a multicultural sonic palette. The EP was brought to fruition under the mentorship of Canada’s Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay – resulting in one of Karaba’s most personally fulfilling projects to date.


Photography Kevin Hayeland

Video @livingwithfreckles

MUA @iamnishavig

Styling  @sssssecondsight

Video editor @dianaflynn_

Interview @luca_difabio_music

Shot at @anatomy_la