Here at Mundane we aren’t new to artists who like to expand their creative horizons by conflating different types of art forms together. Quite frankly, we seek out for them! It should be abundantly clear by now that our favorite artists are those who refuse to take anything for granted and are not afraid to take a risk and experiment with new shit!

Our friend Cait Brady, for instance, already blessed Mundane with an amazing body of work in which she reenacts oil paintings within her native language of photography. The final result is a jaw (and panties) dropping masterpiece

Our latest creative crush is Jimmy Fermin and his style and work are also jaw dropping. He told us about how badly visual art, paintings and spiritualism call out to be incorporated in his photography and how important it is for him to listen to other kinds of art forms as well as other artists for inspiration.

Tell us who Jimmy Fermin is

My background is in graphic design. As I became more interested in Instagram 4-5 years ago, I loved how certain photographers shot models’ portraits. Using the design skills I had, I started manipulating photos I liked, injecting them with my own personality and trying to tell a story. 

Was that when you knew you wanted to be a photographer? 

I decided to become a photographer after realizing that I didn’t want to edit other people’s work anymore. Originally when I started doing photoshoots, the purpose was to keep using photo manipulation to give crazy spins to photos. As time went on, I fell in love with the photos themselves, and not with how I could alter them. Shooting a beautiful photo is enough. 

Was there an event or specific event that launched your career?

Things really changed for my work when I shot with Keep Chambers who is such an incredible model. She had the look I wanted all my following models and passion projects to have. After that shoot I started to develop my style more clearly. 

Who was your mentor, if there ever was one? 

Drake Alexander has been an informal mentor of mine. We’ve had some conversations and he’s encouraged me and given me some wise words. Overall, I’ve played it by ear and seen from the greats what I can do in my work. 

What do you draw inspiration from? 

Definitely music. I’ve been a musician for 8 years and I get ideas and inspirations through that constantly. 

Top 3 photographers you would love to collaborate with 

The first would have to be Alessio Albi. It would truly be an honor and a privilege to work with him as well as Dean Martindale and Dennis Tejero. 

What inspires your work? 

There isn’t always a deep meaning behind what I make. Sometimes I just want to make a beautiful portrait however I’m often interested in how my faith and biblical references can inform my work and give it inspiration, depth and meaning. My long-term goal is to incorporate more philosophical and spiritual elements in my productions. Almost like traditional paintings that need to be dissected and can have multiple meanings.