In case you’re unfamiliar, Shuba is a first generation Indian-American talent who effortlessly mixes acrobatic pop-rap stylings with Bollywood flair into a blend that’s resonating worldwide, especially on TikTok where she’s allotted 5.6 million followers and become a bonafide sensation for her unique vocal range that’s caught the attention of Celine Dion and Shakira.

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“Sometimes, you think you know someone, but it takes a breakup to show you what they’re really like. ‘True Colors’ is the song you scream in your car when this happens. It’s that awkward and angry moment where you realize the friends and person you were with don’t really have your back after all. The good thing is now you’ll never go back.”

The theme of the ‘True Colors’ music video is that sometimes you don’t necessarily need to waste your energy on people who don’t deserve it. The video starts with me going off at my “ex” thinking it’ll make me feel better or make him realize how he hurt me, but he doesn’t react or give anything back. I keep thinking that getting to the bottom of things with him will change the outcome, but in the end, I realize that there are other amazing parts to my life and that the relationship doesn’t define the entirety of who I am (for me this is music of course). I hope people take that away from the video and also realize that you just have to walk away from people even without getting closure sometimes.” Shuba