Cyber Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of reliable and affordable computer peripherals used in schools, businesses, and homes, today announced the Cyber Acoustics CA-2890BT, a compact USB and Bluetooth speaker bar that attaches to most any monitor or stands alone on a desktop. A follow up to last year’s popular CA-2890, the CA-2890BT adds Bluetooth 5.0, making it a multi-purpose speaker and speakerphone to meet all your audio needs.

Ideal for small desks or minimalist setups, the CA-2890BT is a great alternative to headphones and earphones for meetings. With many professionals averaging over 20 hours a week in meetings, having options for connecting to those discussions provides a needed respite.

“Most of us have experienced some kind of meeting fatigue at this point, be it from the quantity of meetings to the length of time spent in them,” said Steve Erickson, COO at Cyber Acoustics. “The CA-2890BT is a great way to give your ears a break from headphones and is accessible to those on a limited budget.”

Why did you want to start this company? 

Cyber Acoustics was founded in 1996 with the mission of making great audio products at approachable prices. When my partner and I bought the company in 2020 it was important to us to maintain that approach, and the idea that quality does not have to mean expensive is a key driver in our product development and sales. As the world of work changed so drastically in 2020, we saw a need for high-quality business peripherals at prices that would not bust budgets, as work was so unstable for many people. Our CA Essentials line of professional headsets, docking stations, and webcams offer the same, or better, technology than many competing products, but are available at a fraction of the price.  

What inspires you every day to keep at it? 

We love technology, and what we make are the tools that people use in their daily lives. Whether it’s our line of education technology headsets that are used by thousands of K-12 students daily to help them learn, our CA Essentials products that are helping people do their jobs more effectively, or any of our speakers, headphones, headsets, microphones, or webcams that people are using to play games, listen to music, connect with family and friends, and enjoy their down time, we make the products that facilitate modern life.  

What is the mission in one sentence? 

Provide high-quality, reliable products, with a focus on customer service.  

What is your personal background and story? 

I received my BS in electrical engineering from New Mexico State University and have been working in the technology industry for over 30 years. I have always had an interest in technology and engineering since I was young. After designing computer systems and semiconductors for a few years I wanted to branch out into the sales side and found I really enjoyed the communication with customers and adapting technology to their needs. At the same time, I was able to learn and grow in the knowledge needed to manage a technology business and support customers. These many years of experience have allowed me to understand what the best solutions are for our customers, build products with the right features and quality, and deliver these products with the best possible cost. 

What would you want this company to achieve in 5 years? 

To be the go-to standard for office essentials, whether for people working from home, or for companies looking to outfit their employees with reliable tech to effectively do their jobs.  

What problem are you trying to solve in the market? 

Making excellent products at affordable prices. We all need technology products to function in today’s modern world, whether it is work or school or recreation. But often the higher-quality products are not affordable for a lot of people, and we are working to change that, by making products that match the specs of higher priced models, at prices more people can afford.  

What are your values and beliefs? 

Aside from the previously mentioned belief that quality does not have to mean expensive, we also strongly believe in the importance of sustainability and doing our part to protect our planet. It is why we have transitioned our packaging to 100% recyclable materials with no single-use plastics or flashy dyes that can be bad for the environment. We also created a no-cost headphone and headset recycling program for schools (though we will work with businesses as well, so long as they meet the criteria). The program is an uncomplicated way for schools to properly dispose of the hundreds, or even thousands, of broken headsets that they collect all year. We send them a box to collect the items, we pay for shipping, and we take care of ensuring they are recycled properly. We have already donated over 1,000 pounds of plastic for recycling since starting this program a year ago. People can learn more about it here  

What are the future goals of this company? 

To continue to listen to customer feedback about products and design things according to what people need – our education headsets are a good example of this. Teachers would tell us repeatedly that students twist the headbands, break the 3.5mm plugs off in Chromebooks, and wrap or chew the cords, all things that make the headsets break. So, we addressed all those concerns and created a durable design that can withstand even the toughest students.  

We also want to continue to do our part to help the environment and are committed to continuing to look for ways we can do that. 

And lastly, to continue to make and sell products that people can rely on for their everyday needs.