Jordan Suaste is  an up and coming artist you don’t want to sleep on. When we spoke with him his track “If The World Ended Tonight” had recently been included in the Netflix film To All The Boys: Always And Forever and today Jordan shared a mesmerizing live version of it with a video. The endearingly intimate visual marks the 19-year-old artist’s first official performance of the song, which is fast approaching 2 million total global streams. 

“Being included in the Netflix movie was such an amazing opportunity. Especially because I feel like this song really represents me and defines my sound. This is almost a new me both sonically and lyrically.”

Filmed in his home state of Utah, “If The World Ended Tonight” finds Jordan cozied up in a vintage throne-like chair in the center of a desolate room. In a departure from the sprawling arrangement of the original track — a beautifully heartfelt piece built on ethereal textures, lush string work, and hypnotic vocal layering — Suaste’s deeply expressive voice is accompanied only by the delicate piano playing of fellow musician Jake Ostler.

Jordan’s amazing vocal command is no news to his fans who have been familiar with it since his DIY-produced hits “Hookup Culture,“Patience” and “Body” which is also Jordan’s breakthrough single, now approaching 100 million combined global streams.

“I think the reason why a song like ‘Body’ resonated with so many people is because it’s about body image and what that represents for each one of us and most of the time it represents something different for each one of us. So I just thought ‘I’m gonna write about my own body and how I feel about it.”

“I used to hate my body then I loved my body but I hated the fact that society wants you to put your body out there for people to use for THEIR own satisfaction. That’s the kind of genuine songwriting that I think resonates with people the most. Because it’s real.”

Although the coming years brought their share of struggle, including battles with depression and anxiety, the start of 2021 marked a major turning point.  

For a long time I didn’t think my dream would ever come true, but this year I decided to do everything I could to love myself.”

“Body” saw Jordan’s audience grow exponentially, amassing over fifty-thousand YouTube subscribers in just over a month. His fans instantly adopted its message of renewed strength and resilience.  

“I’m just grateful that people are connecting and understand what I’m trying to say. My fans get that, and they get the message of honesty that I’m putting into the music. It’s turned into this environment of positivity where everyone is welcome, so now the main goal is to just keep being as authentic and vulnerable as I possibly can.”

Jordan’s honest and genuine storytelling combined with his graceful vocals are not going to leave the scene (or your head) anytime soon.