Credit: Tyler Lee Aubrey

After launching her career in 2015 with a string of releases on Warner Records, Kaya now at the age of 22, arrives in full form with a scorching signature style. The album is tied together with her powerful, unique vocals utilizing pop-punk attitude, intimate Americana-tinged storytelling, and infectious danceable grooves. If Things Go South (co-written and co-produced with her father, Dave Stewart) is Kaya at her most authentic, expressive self. The album is set to arrive along with a candid performance film — self-narrated — detailing her most personal thoughts. 

“Even though I’m self-evolved, I will always hate my ex-boyfriend, and I needed to write a song about that,” admits Kaya. “Every girl has been wronged by a guy, so this was my one ‘fuck you’.”

Under the influence of Alanis Morissette and Debbie Harry, she uncorked a hypnotic and hard-hitting sound of her own with full creative control and complete independence. “This record is one-hundred percent who I am now,” Kaya declares. “This is the Kaya I was working towards all along.”