MAGGIE LINDEMANN is the first cover star of MUNDANE Latest Issue ‘Cooler Than Thou’ 

Maggie represents an icon and source of inspirations for countless young creatives and that’a because her authenticity is infectious:

“I need people that make me laugh. everyone I have in my life makes me laugh, I need it. I also need honest people around me, both personally and professionally. i HATEEE yes people, i need to know when something sucks so I can do better.” Maggie Lindemann

We asked Maggie to be on the cover for a simple reason: we wanted a bunch of people, artists, models and creatives that were simply cooler than most. Even cooler than us and certainly cooler than thou.

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Photographer –  Jason Renaud @jasonrenaud 

Makeup – Evilyn McCullough @evilyn_mua 

Hair –  Rolando Aqui @rolandoaqui 

Styling: Luca Di Fabio @luca_difabio_music 

Wardrobe SWIXXZ @swixxz & MUNDANE Clothing @mundane_clothing 

Graphic Designer Joel Kraiser @joelrobertkraiser


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