Fused by a love for sultry music, indelible nights and a thirst for decadence, King Salamander crafts an extraordinary sonic experience that seduces your senses and holds you close, utilizing custom-built instruments and silver tongued lyricism to create a new blend of lounge music that will have you swaying among a selection of lavish libations.


Tell us about the genesis of your project. How did you get to where you are now?

King Salamander is the greatest lounge band in the land and we’re not just saying that; it’s an actual fact. We blended our love for top shelf libations, sultry lounge music and custom instruments into one decadent cocktail. The past couple years have been less than ideal for such a unique band not to spread musical joy to the masses but we kept working and ultimately have a never say die attitude.

What is the favorite song you wrote and why? 

Just like selecting your favorite dram on a Monday morning I think it changes depending on the situation and mood. 

Who are your all time musical icons?

Gino Gamboa is at the absolute top of our list. Amazing percussionist and all around great chap. He even made us an incredible sounding cajon we use. 

What are some things to do to keep your inspiration alive?

Visiting dimly lit lounges and conversing with different characters over a dram or two definitely sparks ideas and keeps us creative. 

Who are you binge listening to these days?

The Gromble, Ghost Note, Evaride. You know, the classics. 

Favorite movie or TV show?

Anything with Shannon Beador

Tell us about your latest release and how it came about

“Welcome To Salamander Lounge” is the opening tune for the concept album Salamander Lounge. It introduces the different patrons, vibe and overall lore all surrounding this mysterious and inviting sanctuary. 

Do you have any peculiar pre or post show rituals?

Before every show each band member is breathalyzed to ensure their BAL (blood alcohol level) is over .08.  If they fail to reach that number they won’t be allowed to take the stage until said number is attained. 

What’s the future looking like for you?

We are a band that tries to focus on the present and stay in the moment. That being said in 6 months we’ll know because we’ll either be broke or on the cover of Cigar & Spirits magazine. 

Who inspires your style and aesthetics?

Bespoke Style Suits, Goorin Bros hats, Bourbon Barrel Guitar Company, Kilchoman, The Balvenie, Fortaleza, Buffalo Trace, Ketel One, Nolet’s, Guinness, Dame Mas, Bottle Logic, Rey Campero, Mal Bien and Madre Restaurants. 

What is the achievement or moment in your career you are the most proud of and why?

For us it’s about focusing on what we are doing in the moment. If you start to look back at your accomplishments and put your hat on those you’ll never outdo them. Becoming complacent is not on our list of requested assets to deliver to PR. 

What do you think is the best way to make it as an artist nowadays?

I think selling your soul is a good option, we did it and so far it’s worked out quite well

What would you change in the music and entertainment industry especially after this past year?

Smoking cigars on stage would be permitted at all venues