Photography Jake J. Shideler

What’s the story behind this track?

To be honest, I was on my own personal inter-dimensional adventure while cleaning my house haha. I was scatting and dancing and then the hook came to me.
The bass line, lyrics, and all the backround vocals. Kind of had this “Talking Heads” vibe dance party going on in my kitchen. Thanks to Steve Jobs I was able to do a voice note right then to circle back in the studio.
It’s actually pretty cool to compare the two; VoiceNote idea to a song on the radio. I definitely stuck with the initial idea.  I’ve been adventuring into the pop/country genre but wanted to keep my indie/pop style. This was the 2nd song on the “EP” I had wrote. Keeping the “1975” meets “Morgan Wallen” meets “Post Malone” vibe.

What inspires your sound?

I have been a huge fan of Local Natives for over 10 years. Their harmonies and creativity. I love HARDY’s last two records. Really bringing two genres together. Say what you will, but Coldplay has been calling my inner writing and over all dreams to be honest. That’s the pinnacle of artists, reaching their goals and doing what they LOVE more than anything. Just watch their faces when they perform. Goosebumps.

Who is your all time hero?

I’d have to say my family, my mom. We’ve been through the wringer and always had each others back and love before anything. My sons Nova and Boston, my beautiful daughter Beau. My fiance 🙂 God is really coming through for me as well and as always. Extremely grateful.

What are your plans for 2024?

Take this to the top! Get on a tour and open for a great act. Immerse myself in the music world. Record this second handful of songs we have.
I’m really getting into writing for artists as well. Producing, writing. Get on some tracks.
But this project is my mission and main squeeze. I won’t stop! 🙂 Sounds corny, but this truly is what I am meant to do. I feel it more than ever. See you soon! Come find us!
@tylerstoneofficial .