Street Fever is known for their unique sonic escape incorporating elements of hardcore, rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, pop and classical music. With a life of resilience, the artist has overcome being held in a Thai prison, a mental health breakdown, drug detox and more. The artist has garnered a dedicated fanbase garnering millions of streams and is set to play the Treefort Music Festival and open for HEALTH.

Rooted in an ongoing spiritual awakening, Street Fever has been on a wildly cinematic path to better understand themselves as an artist, spiritual seeker, and human being. After losing all their possessions, being institutionalized multiple times and nearly losing their life in a South East Asian prison, this project has since been reborn and aims to use it as a platform to speak on their own recovery and addiction. Now more than ever they are empowered to share their story in hopes to connect with others who are seeking personal and spiritual growth

“I wrote “Fate” as a way for me to reflect on self love, desire, and a deep look inside my own shadow to embrace who it is that I am. “Fate” is an intimate call for me to dive deeper into the love I want to give myself alongside feeling an indescribable love from a power beyond me. “Fate” is the tug of war between desire and presence, guided by the language we use to embody our purest form. 

The love we give ourselves is reflected in the love we see in our waking life. Who we wish to embody is up to us. It is our responsibility alone to take the steps down this path of true embodiment.”