For those following the story so far, Silvermoon is Jonny Copley,  now with three single releases under his space pop romantic belt.  But Algebraic Means is not another single. It’s a Long Player in the  finest of traditions. 8 songs. 4 per side. Starting with the  synthesised rush of Animals and ending with the echoing haunting  of Something Else… It’s an LP constructed in different cities,  across Europe, down motorways, on Portugese balconies, played  on old Casios in spooky underground recording studios. 

Algebraic Means is as, Jonny says, made of moments of beauty  torn from disastrous expectations: 

“I wrote the songs and travelled up and down the country  rehearsing them with my drumming friend John. I’d listen back to  these versions and they were swirling pop songs with melodies that  stuck in my head. But even when we started recording I expected  the songs to somehow collapse – but they didnt.”  

“Animals is a song about generational expectations but started from a very different place. 

I had this music that was a mashup of Motown bass, pulsing synths and even a Nile Rodgers type guitar thing but I could decide what to do with it. 

My youngest used to play shopkeepers with me and sell me bread and wine. ‘All you need is money Dad’ he said…

So I imagined how it felt to be so bitter about getting old and my ‘future state animal’ character wrote itself.

Like Dad’s being outraged at Ziggy or the Sex Pistols. Being told that acting isn’t a proper job. Grow up and get a proper job.”

Jonathan Copley – Silvermoon