Nashville native singer-songwriter, Brigetta is set to release a nostalgic track about her relationship flaws titled “Immature” following the release of EP “Kids”. Brigetta continues to use key childhood memories to allude to her current situations and navigating difficulties as an adult


“There are a lot of  “F YOU” and heartbroken songs in this world, which I unfortunately relate to … But with this single I wanted to be ironically mature about being immature in my relationship. Owning up to my own wrong doings in my relationship in a childish way, with classic nursery rhymes & slang “Na na na na Boo Boo” and “Ring around the Rosie.” 

With comparisons to childish behavior mimicking her current self, this song takes on a classic nursery rhyme to express Brigetta’s faults in her relationships. While admitting your faults in being jealous and insecure of your partner isn’t easy, Brigetta makes it enjoyable with her upbeat song and play on words. Despite the tone of the song, it manages to cover the topic of self-acceptance