LA rockers ‘Rivals’ just dropped a cinematic pop-rock filled banger ahead of their sophomore release, Sad Looks Pretty on Me. Available on all major DSPs today and featured by Wolf in a Suit, “Alkaline” defies any preconceived notions of the band with an electronic-rock crossover that exudes the vibrant energy of their live shows.  

The song is a powerful, moody anthem about finding balance in our lives. Like Rivals’ latest song, “Strawberries,” “Alkaline,” showcases the depth and diversity of the band’s latest album Sad Looks Pretty on Me On the newest track release, vocalist. Kalie Wolfe states:

‘Alkaline’ is a reference to the PH balance of water, and the hope of trying to find that sense of perfect balance between your personal lows and your highs. I also got to finally explain a moment of intense vertigo I have had in real life so that was also a fun one!” – Kalie Wolfe

Rivals’ new album, Sad Looks Pretty on Me, exists in two worlds. The Los Angeles quartet — vocalist Kalie Wolfe, bassist Sebastian Clarke, guitarist Micket Woodle, and drummer Josh Alves — draw a wobbly line between blossoming pop-rock and wilting post-hardcore, often alternating between sides for earth-shattering effects. 

“Sad Looks Pretty On Me, was a way for me personally to finally let go of things in my life, to accept happiness for what it is in the way I’ve been given it.” Kalie adds.

While this mentality of pop-metal destruction is relentless and well-stocked here, like on the pitch-shifted alt-metal of “On the Loose” and the dirtied, jagged synth-rock of “Little Mistakes,” Wolfe and company are concerned with creation, too. 

From the ashes of tortuous mental anguish, Rivals always rise to the challenge of confronting demons head-on—while fashioning their moods into something irresistible.  

The array of inspirations ranging from Jessie J., Demi Lovato and Bring Me The Horizon the band members also seem to be drawing inspiration from TV and other forms of art.

‘I grew up in and around movies and television – states Micket –  so I’m constantly inspired by those. The music, the moments, the look. It’s these things that help make our music and live stuff as dramatic as they are for me”

When it comes to lyrics, Kalie confesses: “mainly my personal life but it goes all over, I’ve written some songs about hypothetical situations that I mentally immerse myself into to push the emotion. Why? Is one of those songs. 

I also have To: Dom which is a song written to my nephew whose mother committed suicide, this was a deep one, the bridge I am reading is the actual suicide note she left for him. It’s a beautiful song about me telling him we love him and that life is beautiful.”In 2016, Rivals gained mass attention with their unique take on twenty one pilotsʼ track, “Heathens,” which has garnered over 1 Million listens collectively. In 2018, Rivals released their first full-length LP, Damned Soul via Smartpunk Records. Damned Soul garnered an enthusiastic response, with praise from critics at Billboard and over 5 Million streams.