​​“My core purpose or mission is to make beautiful things. I believe there is power in beauty-in art and in fashion- and I want to create pleasurable experiences for myself and others. I think it’s great that brands have a social mission and I believe that art in itself serves a purpose too. Whether it’s the viewer/wearer or the maker/creator, art can make you feel and I believe tapping into that, creating that emotional connection, is where my purpose lives.”

That’s how LA designer identifies the mission of her brand! 

Designed by Yahaira in her Los Angeles home studio, HIRA (a play on her name pronunciation, Ya-hi-ra) is the transmutation of her personal and professional journey. Raised in California, Yahaira grew up surrounded by a suburban landscape which influenced her desire for escapism and fantasy.

“I must admit, I felt a little disoriented when the pandemic hit. So much so that I felt the need to take a little break and recalibrate and so I did. However, I soon realized that I couldn’t go anywhere without making jewelry, without answering my true calling. I took a breath and picked up where I left off.”

Her creative process ”could be linear and smooth just as much as scattered and seemingly chaotic. I like to feel the materials with my hands and play with them to give them shape. I can work from a vision or I can just come up with a concept as soon as I see a piece of metal. I try to stay as authentic and spontaneous as possible. After all, that’s all beauty is.”