Jon Waltz is a Memphis native and he takes inspiration from his southern roots. His unique sound finds influence from and overlaps with artists such as Frank Ocean and Bryson Tiller. Waltz has been an active participant in the R&B scene since his 2016 breakout single “Riot” which premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1. 

Waltz demonstrated an affinity for quality over quantity, taking his time to release other singles like “Backstreets” (2018), “Luna” (2019) and “Safe” (2020), while he developed his sound. Whilst carving out his own niche in the R&B sphere, Waltz gained over 15M+ streams across platforms, secured collaborations with Healy, BROCKHAMPTON, and Skizzy Mars, and performed for Pigeons & Planes’ No Ceilings showcase. 

Straight out of the 90’s, but with a distinctly topical modern essence, Memphis native Jon Waltz’s newest single “DWN4” (out now) is a soothing yet scintillating exploration of both past and present R&B. DWN4 is the second single off of Waltz’s highly anticipated EP My Golden Horse, arriving March 23rd

On “DWN4” Waltz pairs layered vocals and sensitive harmonies with a simple, effective lyricism and undeniably catchy R&B beats; resulting in a song that is equal parts delicate and danceable. “DWN4” is an ode to Waltz’s friends and loved ones who have stood by him throughout his life. The moving combination of lyrical tenderness and melodic heat elevates the track to something greater than the sum of its parts and showcases Waltz’s unique talents as a songwriter in the R&B/hip-hop arena. 

Tell us about your story as an artist 

I’m an artist from Memphis, TN. I’ve always liked music and gravitated to it since I was a kid. I came up during the soundcloud era and by the time I was 18 I was flying to new york doing shows and meeting a lot of my idols. 

What do you think is the most important aspect of your life right now?

I think just maintaining balance and peace of mind. Making sure I make time for what matters most to me and taking every moment in because life is short and time passes faster than I can comprehend. 

What makes this song special in your opinion?

DWN4 was made out of hunger and struggle and appreciation for me and my collaborators who stayed down with me through thick and thin and always loved and supported me. That’s rare and I’m glad I could make a song about it with the people who make it possible. 

What inspired this track?

Everything I’ve been through just being involved in the music industry for this long, appreciation of the lows and highs. 

What are some of the core messages here?

Stick to your intuition, keep the people who champion you close and focus on what excites you. I hate to go meta but almost everything is a social construct and doesn’t actually matter in the long run. Life is short so do what you want to do until you can’t. 

How do you think TikTok and social media are contributing to changing an artist’s career?

I think social media as a whole is a gift and a curse. On one end (s/o Soulja Boy) there’s a new way to capture our lives and share our stories through mediums that literally didn’t exist 30 years ago. I discovered Soulja Boy, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Asap Rocky and so many others via youtube, myspace, twitter, etc.. On the other end, it can be a source of anxiety because it always feels like you’re catching up/ comparing or playing a numbers game or catering to an algorithm. 

What excites you about your life?

I’m getting better at making music, I’m healthy, my skin glowing n shit. I’m excited for the future. I  feel like I’m at the cusp of something really special and nobody can take that from me. 

What are some of your core values as a human being?

The golden rule. Just treating everybody like family and showing love and respect above all else. 

What are your projects for this year? 

My Golden Horse out March 23rd!!! Then I’m planning on making a mixtape with every friend I’ve gained along the way after.