Pop-singer and songwriter gavn! released his newest EP Here, just for now via music distribution platform UnitedMasters. The seven-track EP is loaded with heartbreaking, poignant ballads that bring to life the experiences that shaped gavn! into the person he is today. 


here, just for now is an honest conversation between gavn!’s past and future self, as the pop artist takes accountability for his former wrong-doings. gavn! hopes the EP will offer comfort to listeners in vulnerable situations and act as a reminder that as people we are more similar than we are different. The single release “I’d Hate Me Too” showcases the artist’s growth, as he acknowledges and reflects on mistakes from the past.

“…one might assume that I’d Hate Me Too is directed at someone or something, but it’s actually a reflection of self-hatred and self-doubt, and I want whoever listens to this record to be able to direct it’s meaning toward anyone or anything, even if that is yourself..”