Multicultural and multidisciplinary artist born in Bogota, Colombia with international expertise ranging from graphic design, videography, performance to photography. Committed to pushing the boundaries of the visual arts with extensive musical background, I yearn to produce work that exceeds expectations. “I can’t constrain myself! That’s my mantra!” says Pablo

“I’ve been working on any kind of media I could think of from visual to audio through coding. I like to explore a lot of different topics with my art too, especially within the digital world. For instance, I love to get into how the internet and modern technology are affecting us and how we react to it.”

More recently, Pablo has been unfolding the topic of escapism and “all the stories and fantasies that come with it.”

“I’ve been developing this concept after Covid hit, actually.” He confesses

“As a result of quarantine, I found myself listening to a lot of ambient music. I found it to be so calming and beneficial to my mental health but most of all it became a source of inspiration.”

“I would lay down and let my imagination free to wander and most of the time I would get ideas sparking from the stories my mind was portraying while listening to the music. All the sounds and sonic elements turned into little pieces of a puzzle I was putting together inside of me: fire, water, wind etc. and that’s how I came up with all kinds of visual narratives.”

Now that we are entering into a ‘new normal’ way of living, Pablo reveals how these past few years helped him develop and greater understanding of ‘who I am as a person and artist”

“I have a much better understanding of what I want to pursue artistically, who I want to collaborate with, what kind of projects I want to get into etc. so now it’s time for the world to see and interact with the art I’ve made alone in my room in the past year or two and most importantly start interacting with it”

Another important aspect of Pablo’s creativity is music. 

‘Music has always been a crucial part of my artistic development. I was in the children’ choir as a kid, joined the opera group when I was 10 so I’ve always been around music. However, it was only when I started experimenting with sound design that I realized that music is probably the most well-rounded discipline of them all. Every aspect of creativity must be involved in order to create a solid musical piece: from design, singing, stage design, costume design, acting, storytelling.”

When we approached the topic of meat verse and NFTs we learned Pablo has a unique standpoint to share.

“I am fascinated by the meta verse and the evolution of technology. I recently embarked on a collaboration for a meta verse project myself and I do think there’s a possibility art is not necessarily going to be tangible in the future.However, we must be cautious and look at the repercussions this has on the environment and sustainability.”

“While I do believe NFTs are guaranteeing artists get the compensation they deserve for their art compared to the traditional ways of purchasing art and make it circulate in galleries etc. they are also partially responsible for the immense emission of carbon monoxide generated by the crypto currencies used to buy and sell them.”

“There are quite a few arguments and debates we could have about this topic and I’m not taking a firm stand at the moment since there’s still a lot to learn about it. My main concern is about making sure art, or at least the art I make, is made to communicate a pure and an authentic message before it becomes a token, an NFT or a commodity to be traded. The value of a piece of art resides in its core and purity. Without it, it’s just an object, or a NFT”