We paid a visit to Adora and her house of wonder where chic and kitsch merge together in an orgasm of style to create a separate world in the heart of Nashville.

In the House of Adora, you can explore who you really are in your wildest fantasies.

In a world where gender is up for grabs, one thing is clear: real men wear eyeliner. 

Here at Mundane we never cared too much about feelings. We all have them, it’s not that interesting. What we’re missing is the burning desire to take a risk and try something different – without trying to identify with anything or anyone, without trying to convey any kind of encrypted message. 

There’s a very unique flavor of satisfaction triggered by going against the wind. The mere fact that you’re doing something no one else is doing shoots shivers down your spine and that’s what our shoot at The House of Adora is all about.

Mundane is not about living on the edge, it’s about living from the edge. Where everything is up for grabs.

Models: Luca Di Fabio & Freak Daddy

Clothing: Jacopo Peca (Man Gown) and Eric Adler (Suit)

Styled by: Andrea Roscoe 

Makeup by: Lauren Martinez

Photographed by Jess Williams