If there’s anything that artists miss these days that’s making music together and Zoom co-writes just ain’t gonna cut it. So music-making app Endlesss came up with a solution.

Endlesss was founded in 2017 by musician and technologist Tim Exile. Tim’s musical journey began at age 4 learning the violin. As he progressed into electronic music production, he missed the performative nature of playing the violin. 

It’s not that usual to find a proficient musician and a sharp tech expert in the same person. Tim, however, is one of these rare exceptions. He moved on from his successful career as a recording artist to develop tools which brought a performative approach to electronic music creation. 

Before founding Endless, Tim created a number of influential VST plugin products such as The Mouth in partnership with Native Instruments and SLOO (Shed Loads Of Oscillators) under his own brand.

Not only that, Tim decided to expand his enterprise shortly after with Endlesss Studio which is a MacOS app and VST / AU plugin.

“Studio is Endlesss’s next step in building a home for creative musical culture where creators of every skill level can connect, learn and build communities around creativity,” Tim explained.

“As the lines between artist and fan erode, Endlesss is building an ecosystem where anyone can forge their own creative path. Whether that path leads to a tight-knit community of like-minded friends or rising to the top of the Billboard charts, Endlesss aims to put purpose and culture at the heart of music-making.”

The whole mission of the cloud-connected looper is to bring rapid composition flow to your studio setup, and makes it possible to build tracks and sculpt sounds at lightning speeds

Endlesss Studio will make it easy to instantly hand off between mobile and desktop, and the new product will make it even easier to jam live with musicians, beatmakers and sound-designers around the world. In a time of social distancing, Endlesss Studio will help to further the Endlesss mission of encouraging collaboration and building a global music creator community. 

Endlesss Studio comes with a broad collection of performance-optimised instruments designed to inspire creativity straight out of the box. It also includes 23 creative performance FX with instant recursive re-sampling capability.

This might simply cut through the distance that this terrible past year accumulated between musicians and creators of all kinds by bringing back the excitement of making music together. You might still be in front of your screen but your creative mates are going be closer than ever. 

Endlesss Studio is available from today until 31st March 2021 at $99 / €99 / £79, a 50% introductory discount of the usual price of $199 / €199 / £159. A Windows version is under development and will be available in summer 2021.