Green Bay born and Nahsville adopted, artist Mandi Sagal dropped a music video for her debut track ‘Smoke Your Weed”. She only released the track last week and it premiered on American Songwriter and got added to Spotify’s New Music Nashville playlist.

Mandi moved to Nashville from Green Bay, WI right out of high school 9 years ago.

She’s been developing her songwriting skills and artistry while working to support herself financially full-time ever since. 

They say Music City is a 10 year town and she’s right on schedule, proud of the fact that she’s been able to do everything entirely on her own.

Her influences span from country to rock and more as her childhood was wholly embedded in music and art. Her name comes from the Boston song “Amanda.” 

“Smoke your weed” is all about that hot and cold love that we’ve all experienced— making the best of a bad situation when the person you’re interested in only calls you when they’re bored.” 

“This song is about what so many of us go through in the dating world. You are entertaining someone who is blowing up your socials and seems super interested, which leaves you feeling hopeful and excited. Then, when you are together in person, it falls flat and they become uninterested, which leaves you feeling confused and disappointed.” She confesses.

“For this video, I wanted to visually portray the expectations we set in our mind of how we want certain situations to play out. I thought it would be really cool to do a split screen with two scenes happening simultaneously. One side is what we are fantasizing will happen, and the other the reality of what is actually happening.”

Mandi’s aim is to always write and record music fearlessly, without worrying about taboo subject matter or fitting into a certain box sonically. 

Sounds like exactly what we’re all about here at Mundane!

Photography: ZOE THOMAS