Quick note from our founder: There’s no denying it. The world outside is going through one of the most insane transitions that we’ve ever seen: the 2020 Quarantine. It’s time to take a deep breath, sit in this sadness, but refuse to let your demons take over your daily life.

We’ve spent years exploring the outside, adventuring from coast to coast. No two people live the same life out in the real world, but everyone unifies in their need to find refuge between the four walls they call home.

No matter how reckless and adventurous you were before the world came to an Earth-shattering halt, take this time to connect with your inner self.

Explore new creative avenues, take up yoga, read a book that you bought ages ago or even write a whole book yourself. Hell, even try a new drug. There’s literally no better time.

Nothing can stop you: your limit doesn’t exist.  

For what it’s worth, everyone here at Mundane is working harder than ever to keep in touch with our community and our creative comrades in arms – in Nashville and beyond.

We took a minute to check on all of you, so here’s how a few locals are braving this quarantine – straight from the lens of our Becca!

-Luca DiFabio

Quarantini anyone?

I don’t know about y’all, but I cannot sit still for very long.

It only takes me about a day before I have to run off somewhere – whether it’s a bar (usually) or a different state entirely, I’m always looking for my next move.

So far, this quarantine has made me do some weird things. Among them:

  1. Draft an email to my ex
  2. Drunk dial literally anyone who will answer
  3. Convert to hard alcohol
  4. Anxiously masturbate
  5. Seriously consider running down the street naked
  6. Attempt to examine my own asshole for the first time, but
  7. Drive across the city taking pictures of my friends in quarantine instead

Enjoy! They’re all delightful fucking weirdos.