The experience of constant emotional roller-coaster experienced in romantic relationships is quite resonant with basically all of mankind, and that is what gives ‘’Complicated’’ an edge amongst listeners. A resonant theme like that – garnished with serene instrumentation, H.O.M.A’s poetic and emotion-evoking performance; leaves a lasting impression while also increasing excitement and conversations about his upcoming Compilation 2 Mixtape.  

H.O.M.A is an artist graced with a quintessential talent and hypnotic vocal, who connects heavily with, and relies on mood while creating music. On Complicated, a song that encapsulates two strong but conflicting emotions in a romantic relationship – it’s evident the way he and killer producer blends to create a downbeat but hopeful ambience which can entice any listener. Complicated is a single off H.O.M.A’s highly anticipated compilation 2 project set to drop later this year.