NYC singer-songwriter D’Arcy shares a brand new single entitled “Crazy,” alongside a music video and live video performance.

Speaking on the track, D’Arcy wrote:

“‘Crazy’ is about falling in love with someone and being transported into a different world where just the two of you exist. It is about wanting to feel that intense emotion no matter the cost, which sometimes can result in darkness. I really wanted the lyrics to capture what it feels like to really fall in love for the first time, where your whole world becomes this other person and you would do anything to keep that feeling alive.”

What do you want your music to communicate?

I have no expectation or desire for the music to communicate anything in particular. It always interests me how one person can listen to one of my songs and their interpretation of it can be so vastly different from the narrative I had in my head when I wrote it, or what the lyrics mean to me. However the songs resonate with the listener and whatever emotion the music is able to generate is exciting to me. 

What are some sources of inspiration for your storytelling?

I go through periods of time where I want to be completely isolated and draw inspiration from within, by staying really quiet and spending a lot of time alone doing things like reading and watching films and drawing inspiration from nature. And then, I go through periods of time where I want to be out in the world drawing inspiration from other people and new experiences. I think that both these types of inspiration are necessary for me to generate fresh and meaningful work, and I love that they cycle and turn over, so there is always another creative chapter around the corner.

What makes this track unique in your opinion?

I layered a lot of different and very strange sounds that I created on my synthesizer that really start to emerge during the last minute or two of the track. It was really fun and trippy to create some of these sounds, and I had a lot of fun making them. I actually made most of these sounds at like 2AM in a hotel room when I was on tour. I couldn’t sleep and wanted to revisit this song. There was an old demo that I had of Ecstasy that was very produced with a lot of samples, and I wanted to re-record the song with more live instrumentation. I opened a Logic session and just started messing around on my synthesizer while I was lying in bed, and I was really psyched about what I came up with. When I was back from tour, I went to the studio and my friend Brendan Buckley came in and laid some crazy drums on the track. And then Marty O’Brien came in and did an epic bass line. The bass and drums are so strong on the track, so it ended up being a really cool mixture of these futuristic synthesizer sounds, and then live instruments with a vintage slap back delay on the vocal. It was also really important to me that I produce the track myself and so this was kind of the genesis of me entering the role of producer as well as artist.