Mundane Magazine is back with the “International Issue.” Take a journey around the globe with us and discover some of the most unique talents it has to offer. From our cover artist Latin Grammy Winning artist Mon Laferte to the provocative and edgy photography of Japanese visionary Katsuki Tanaka via exclusive features of rising UK rockers The Hunna and future American Pop Star Chelsea Collins.


  • Cover Story Mon Laferte
  • UK Rockers The Hunna
  • Mundane x Andrew Stuart
  • Martin Atkins & The Post Punk Museum
  • 10 Ways To Fuck Up Your Rock Band
  • Motherhood Is Punk As Hell
  • 100 Years of Fashion With a 100 Year Old Grandpa
  • A turning Pointe: Expanding The Strict Gender Norms Of Classical Ballet
  • Hate Mail
  • Mundane x Chelsea Collins
  • Mundane Tarots
  • Katsuki Tanaka
UK Rockers The Hunna
Rising Pop Star Chelsea Collins
100 years Of Fashion With a 100 year old man
Mundane x Andrew Stuart
Japanese Photographer Katsuki Tanaka
Japanese Photographer Katsuki Tanaka