Anastasia Elliot is back with the official video for her track ‘London’ which is the beginning of a whole new story. We asked the visionary artist herself to enlighten us about it!

“London is the third music video off of my visual album, La Petite Mort. The story began in the flames of The Prologue – Cigarettes & Gasoline and then took us to new heights with Crash Landing. Out of the ashes comes London to take us deeper into the abstract storyline.”

Anastasia explains

Every outfit and set was painstakingly made by hand by my small diy team and myself. I would like viewers of the videos to figure out how the pieces of the story fit together with each video and dive into uncovering the meaning. Is it a fever dream? An immortal life? My life flashing before my eyes? 

There are Easter eggs hidden in each video.. first one to find them and comment gets a prize! 

I’m so excited to continue releasing La Petite Mort and show you all more of the Anastasiaverse.”