What was lost – has been rediscovered. Following a brief absence from the scene (punctuated by a mysterious series of “LOST” posters posted around North America), WHIPPED CREAM returns today with the single “Lost My Way” on Monstercat. The single is a manifestation of WHIPPED CREAM’s growing confidence in her true self, relying on her inner strength and parting ways with the circumstances that no longer serve her artistry. “Lost My Way” is a powerful departure from her sound and aesthetic – notably, shedding the iconic white suit she donned throughout her ‘Someone You Can Count On’ EP era – and promises an inspiring evolution of her personal and musical journey. 

The theme of losing and rediscovering is central here. Why?

I think at times we tend to hang on to things that are no longer serving us to reach our highest selves. Life is about learning to let go and lose things that no longer serve us to rediscover who we truly are. I recently gained my dream people around me team wise and in order to do so I had to let go of what no longer was working for me. Letting go of anything that wasn’t in alignment anymore with my goals, values and purpose was the number one importance for me.

What’s the story behind the track?

Originally, I wrote “Lost My Way” about someone that I felt constantly ignored the truth of their situation and how they were living and I felt alone in the relationship as their partner. After getting through the lows and putting more focus on myself and my needs, I was able to move away from that relationship and continue my journey alone. With reflection, I was able to write a story that I felt could be universally relatable. This was also the same person a lot of my Someone You Can Count On EP (Monstercat) was written about and having to constantly navigate through our relationship. To connect the two projects, you’ll see in the “Lost My Way” video, I lose the suit to represent me shedding my past – my past self, partner, feelings – as I start this fresh, new chapter with the focus on Me. 

Why is it a sonic departure from your past?

I don’t think it’s so much a departure from my sound but more an elevation of it. “Lost My Way” I feel is a cross from my past sound and my new sound I’m creating.  With this elevation, not only am I producing all my tracks, but I’m also singing on a lot of them which is really special to me. Not only did I find my voice as a producer, but I’m also using it as an instrument now which is so new and exciting. This is a whole new world I’m just starting to tap into as I discover my true self and capabilities.

What inspires this new chapter of your career production wise?

Following my Heart and Soul. I’m singing on a lot of these songs now, which is crazy! Because only just a year and a half ago, I never sang on…anything. So finding my voice has been very special for me, but also very vulnerable. It’s new and raw and… just me. Not only have I elevated my production with my voice, but I find myself recently working a lot faster now that I am in my flow of life. Opportunities and ideas have been flowing as I’m in tune with myself so freely – more freely than I have ever before been. It’s been a process to get here, but I am grateful for that journey. It has led to an unbelievable amount of support that I have been needing to make this next body of music the most elevated and diverse from the last. Bridging Hip-Hop elements with electronic and securing cool features – I can’t wait for you to hear this next production chapter of mine.

What can we expect from it (your new chapter) in the near future?

My next project will be my best one yet <3 larger features, more movies, more cinematic life experience collabs, exploring different sounds and genres. More of ME. And not just a Producer, but a Vocalist, an ARTIST. Constantly evolving as we enter in my new Era.