Photo Credit: Lane Womack


Autin’s electronic-rock duo Moonlight Depot reveal their frenetictly captivating single Houseplant.” The self-produced electronic anti-pop offering features lush R&B vocals from Kanui, which lay over a rich fusion of live-recorded vintage blues guitar musings and the more contemporary sonic textures of EDM. Composed of multi-instrumentalist Carl Bernicker and DJ/Producer Ander Baizan, Moonlight Depot was born from the desire to bolster a return to musicality in the electronic space. The combination of Bernicker’s Jimi Henrix inspired live guitar and bass alongside the innovative modern electronica production by Baizan allows each listener to have a unique and compelling auditory experience, synthesizing three genres that were fundamental to the formation of each of their musical identities


What inspired your upcoming release?

Ander: Sonically, I’d say the main inspiration behind Houseplant was combining three genres that were fundamental to the formation of each of our musical identities (Kanui – R&B, Carl – Rock, myself – Electronic) into one cohesive arrangement. Apart from that, I think all three of us have this shared feeling of struggling to find the time to fully enjoy the things we want to do, so I think this song is a reminder to us and everyone listening that no matter what’s going on, you have to live in the moment or you’ll miss it. 

What is something you can’t live without?

Ander: My dog and Ableton

Carl: My houseplants!

Any funny anecdotes from the time you were recording or writing this?

Carl: We wrote and recorded this track at my home studio, which backs up to this random welding and fabrication shop in East Austin. When we were shooting the music video / visualizer, we were able to go use this really weird shop in my backyard for a couple settings. We moved all my houseplants and instruments out there as well as a little kiddy pool we filled up. At the end of filming, we all organically understood that the last shot had to be Marley hitting this monstrous flop into this tiny stupid kiddy pool. I learned that day just how waterproof my pedal board really is.

What’s your favorite thing to do besides music?

Carl: Rock climbing

Ander: Traveling and meeting new people

Which record or artist shaped your creativity?

Ander: Wilco. My dad took me to my first concert to go see them – listening to them through the years with him sparked my love for creating music. 

Carl: I’ve probably listened to The Strokes’ “Is This It” record 5,000 times. Still doesn’t miss. 

Who is an artist or band you look up to today?

Carl: I am in awe of Ritt Momney. I high fived him at his show at Mohawk for SXSW and it was a truly emotional experience. 

Ander: Sylvan Esso or RAC

What excites you the most about what you do?

Ander: Being able to create an experience and feeling for someone regardless of where they are listening to our music is what inspires me. 

Carl: Live performance. My favorite thing to observe in musicians has always been how they adapt their recorded music for live performance – I love to notice the decisions they make to increase how theatrical their set is, and it feels so fun to make those creative decisions ourselves. I’m so excited to see how far we can push this aspect – and it’s always gonna be fun to play our music that loud.