The Sea to Silk Collection is the story of an encounter between the paintings of an artist, Michel Deville, who has been passionately painting throughout his life, and a clothing designer, Ricardo Bernardino, who values the beauty of the paintings and shares them with the world transposed into sumptuous silk shirts.

Beyond being a mere fashion collection, this collaboration represents the revelation of a 70-year artistic legacy, as Michel considered his paintings as his own children, always refusing to sell them.

What inspired this collection?

One day; I was out for a run by the lake in Nyon (Switzerland) and by chance I passed by Michel’s gallery. Captivated by the paintings I saw from the outside, I stopped, open the door and inquired:

– Who painted these?

– They’re mine.

– With these paintings, I could design amazing silk shirts.”

This is how we embarked on this amazing journey.

What’s the story behind the name ‘Sea to Silk?’

‘Sea to Silk’ collection is a journey of inspiration of two artists, from the depths of the sea to the luxurious fabric of silk. Michel Deville, who translates the enchanting underwater world into captivating paintings, and myself who transpose Michel’s artwork into sumptuous silk shirts embodying the beauty and energy of the ocean. 

There’s quite a bit of visual art involved in these designs. How come?

Yes, Art is at the heart of my brand, the concept is to mix colorful art with fashion using luxurious fabrics. For this first collaboration, destiny played a role by bringing Michel Deville into my path. Michel the color artist has been painting for more than 70 years for his pure passion. He is unknown from the art world because he cherishes his paintings like his children and always refuses to part with them. So it is through this collection, that this artistic treasure will be finally revealed to the public.

Who are some artists that inspire you?

I am attracted by colorful art with distinct forms and figures. Artists like Niki de Saint Phalle and Camille Walala inspire me with the vibrant energy and bold creativity of their work

How did you know you wanted to be a designer and what was it like in the beginning?

I discovered my passion for textile creation and colorful fashion when I was 11, I remember transforming and creating clothes. However, I pursued other studies, and it was only later at the age of 33 that I decided to explore this passion that had always resonated with me since my early years. Back to basics, I embarked on this journey by immersing myself in sewing lessons.

Creating my first piece using my mother’s sewing machine was a thrilling experience. Crafting has become more than a hobby; it’s a form of meditation, a space where my creativity thrives.

This period of rediscovery was a transformative experience, allowing me to express my personality through my creations.

How do you conceive and approach a runway show?

I’m excited to finally showcase my collection on the runway after two years of hard work. While I feel a bit nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone and diving into the unknown, I am trying to visualize the ideal show in my head and preparing accordingly. I’m also surrounding myself with friends, family, and people who provide me with good energy.

What can we expect from your appearance at PFW this year?

Attendees can expect to be transported into a world where the sun is shining! A world of colors, elegance, and happiness.