Here’s why we love “Love & Exile”.

Nevermind the fact that they were gracious enough to send us plenty of their fine wine a little while ago right when quarantine hit (and God knows that helped making it somewhat liveable!), we love “Love & Exile” because we see a great deal of Mundane in their brand.

Allow us to elaborate:

  1. In order to produce high quality wines in Nashville (a predominantly beer and whiskey town), they recruited some of the most well-known winemakers from Italy and California. Mundane did pretty much the same with its clothing line, by scouting the most talented designers from Italy and Nashville to create its designers label.
  1. They are innovators. Wine in a can? Come on, that’s just cool! Picture yourself at the next festival season (whenever that’s gonna be…). You fancy some wine but can’t really walk around with a glass bottle while you’re dancing around, probably tripping on God knows what, right? Grab a can of L&E and off you go!
  1. Their style screams “high quality meets not give a fuckery”. The wines are tasty, carefully produced and unique, however the packaging, messaging and overall attitude seems to be chill af, down to earth and not pretentious at all.
  1. Their tone is provocative, edgy and ironic. Not only do they make wine in cans, as we’ve already seen, their messaging is quite killer. Popular one-liners include “Don’t Let Me Text Him”, “Happy Fucking Birthday” or “Indecent”. 

Here at Mundane we cherish uniqueness and the forbidden. Love & Exile embraces the love for wines and the threat of exile. We hear soulmates bells!

We decided to celebrate this newly born love by rounding up some of the best creatives in town and shoot an editorial that would reflect the provocative and edgy nature of our brands. 

We ultimately went for a rustic, tea party on the races featuring local hip hop and pop heroes Jade Million and 2livebre and a messy yet extra glamorous trip to the grocery store with our very own Sarah Rogowskey. Shot by beyond talented photographer Stephen Dillon.