Stockz has crafted an image based on success, manifestation, and sex appeal. “I used to walk around and just pimp, and ended up wondering how I could look like I walk around and just pimp. I don’t talk a lot. I had to figure out how to make an impression on people with less words. At the end of the day, I know who I am, but how do I package myself so someone understands me the first time they see me?” 

His characteristic skateboard and cane combo have become almost iconic – “these are the ingredients that make me who I am. There’s a formula. If you wanted to make a fake Stockz – which would be impossible – you’d know exactly how to do it.”

His recipe for success, “progress over perfection,” is exemplified in his new EP, Buy Money. A “time capsule” for his fans, the title of the project speaks to his philosophy for success – “buy in or get bought out.”It’s a testament to the trappings of fame, exemplified by his new nom de plume, Charcuterie Stockz. 

So start stacking it up

I just wanna make easy money

Easy money my love

A couple commas that would sure be fun


Also the name of his record label, Buy Money is a testament to “some pimpin’, some dope dealin’, me taking somebody else’s girl, which happens regularly…you know…by accident.” With songs like “Buttercream Chardonnay,” “Prada Milan,” and “Easy Money,” he waxes poetic about strippers, top shelf champagne, the price of a soul, and the come-up.

“I do write about other kinds of things…the shortcomings of having an absent black father, growing up in a house with 10 people, having my grandma pass away from cancer. It’s my life at the end of the day. There’s so many parts of my life, but I’m just giving surface level right now because that’s all they get – right now. I look at music like it’s a relationship. You don’t want to hear someone’s entire life story the first time you meet them.”

His philosophy does not allow for failure – progress is the only option. This is the power of his attitude, manifesting the future he raps about through pure force of will and a winner’s mentality. “What they eat does not make you shit,” and power lies in the journey, not the destination.

“The only idol I have in hip hop would probably be Jay Z. He’s the standalone, His mindset and music kinda raised me. I was listening to him more than I was my dad. The structural moves, the movement, the way he made a situation last forever. He was Rockefeller. Rockefeller to Roc Nation. He blew everything out of the water. Nobody is willing to take that chance, but I’m going to bet on myself every time.”

Fun Facts

Favorite pornstar?

He is I and I am him

Favorite sex position?

The Surfer USA: I hit it from the side of the back and put my foot on her face like a surfboard.