Selena is a NYC based actor, vocalist, musician and songwriter. She thrives on being a part of creating work that pushes boundaries and sparks a dialogue. Selena is a proud member of the Ring Of Keys, a collective of queer women, transgender, and GNC theatre professionals.

“Where It’s Dark is my second release.  I made a small EP last year that was very homegrown, it was my first attempt at music production.  Where it’s Dark feels like a proper debut and is just the start to another EP that will be released in 2022. The song is a self recorded and produced single.  I put together most of the instrumentation and midi myself.  My mixing engineer Andew Goldring added some bass and extra midi parts as he was mixing.  

I wrote the song over a year ago and initially set it aside to work on other songs.  I came back to it just a few months ago and felt like there was really something to develop there with more instrumentation and production.  Recording it came together very easily for me, it all just clicked for this one.”