“Rising hip-hop artist and female powerhouse,” Wowashwow has a flare for the theatrical, a freestyling fluency fierce enough to threaten the male-dominated hip-hop scene and brings an “unbridled bravado through no holds barred, unapologetic rhymes.”  

With the visual surrealism of Missy Elliot, the untamable energy of Tina Turner meets Mcjagger, and the genre-fluidity of Radiohead, our South Jersey/Philly raised visionary is spanning genres and obliterating the hip-hop/pop formula to bring you her next single, “Class Enrollment,” out Feb 24, 2023.

I wrote this song essentially as my love letter to every single person who doubted me or tried to go out of their way to stop me from sharing my art with everyone.”

“This is the song that you put on when you’re feeling at your lowest point and need a reminder that you’re really that Bishhhh!”

“The music I’ve been writing lately has been inspired by all of my experiences while living in LA and Philly. I’ve come across so many people who are living in their true, authentic versions of themselves, and being great.  Just being immersed in that culture has been so inspirational. and uplifting for me.”