Newly signed Avant Garden artist Aáyanna today follows up her well received debut single ‘Risky’ with another exciting offering in ‘Can You Take It’. Laying beautifully poised vocals over gorgeous guitar work, the track showcases Aayanna’s ability to drift seamlessly through genre. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Sade and The Marias, the Chicago born, Atlanta based artist looks set to continue building her sonic footprint in 2023. 

“When I heard the guitar loop I wrote over for Can You Take it, I knew I wanted it to feel like sexual tension. I loved how sensual and raw it sounded, so it urged me to write a song that felt seductive and like only the listener and I exist when it’s being played. I wanted the listener to know exactly what I wanted in that moment; so it’s very bold and straightforward but metaphorically, I’m also asking if you can take me at my best and at my worst. 

Can you take how big and complex my personality is and what obligations come with me.?I think a lot of times I crave intimacy and a connection but I’m afraid of having it. Having someone know all about me makes me feel seen but the possibility of being judged for who I really am, versus the simplified version of myself that I’m giving you, terrifies me. At its core, Can You Take It is about wanting to feel desired— even after showing someone those parts of yourself.”