Welcome back to the realm of all things impure and the obscure. Even today, when the general threshold of sexual appetites is more deviant than it’s ever been, there’s still that darker circle of the libido’s depraved inferno wherein the occupants prefer to remain faceless. 

Luckily, there’s still plenty of room for personal anonymity, and major pioneers in the sex trade have made a killing off of the in-home experience that continues to evolve.

Before I sat down to talk with Moore Bliss and Jasmin Jai a few weeks back, I figured I knew a thing or two about the sex industry in all its culminating grandeur. Turns out it was little more than a thing or two that I actually knew. Moore and Jasmin have redefined what it means to make a living in the sex world through rigorous work and a meticulous understanding of their clientele, and it’s a clientele that’s somewhat hard to understand sometimes. 

 The two are essentially prime vendors of all things kink. They own MC Entertainment and Services, a stripper booking agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Both of them have spent plenty time stripping, but their current business model is geared toward a more up close and personal experience: stripper delivery. 

If you live within the greater Atlanta area and are in need of some X-rated entertainment on demand, you don’t have to settle for just porn anymore. Delivering strippers right to your door is exactly what these two do. It’s kind of like GrubHub meets PornHub. Talk about breaking the fourth wall…

They also cater to the individual fetish experience with specialized video content on a worldwide platform. Given that I’m exploring the almighty realm of fetishes and how it factors into the current market structure, you can imagine the magnetic curiosity I felt after hearing about Chris and Jasmin through a mutual friend. 

Between stripper delivery, customized fetish videos, OnlyFans subscriptions, and a number of other operations that they run, Moore and Jasmin have developed a sort of erotic little medicine show that offers a drop of poison for everyone – whatever flavor or dosage you desire. 

Naturally, my first point of interest was the different kinds of fetishes they generally cater to and what the hyper sexual human animal looks like through their eyes, but first, a little backstory on our subjects.

Who are Chris Moore Bliss and Jasmin Jai?

“He [Moore] was already stripping, and I was still working full-time in the corporate world when we met on a dating app. I was working in radio advertising and sales, but I envied the lifestyle he was living” Jasmin explained. She ultimately cut ties with her previous work commitments and opted for a life that augmented some of her more seductive talents. 

Moore always had roots that ran deep in the world of sex and money. “I was working [stripping] for around 10 different national companies at the time, and I sort of became their go-to guy here in Atlanta. It got to the point where I would just say yes so much because it’s a lot of money and a lot of fun, but eventually, I just asked her, ‘Do you want to open our own business?’”

Given the network of friends they’d developed who were already working freelance in the world of stripping, Moore and Jasmin were able to kick things off with a reliable posse of experienced dancers/sex workers at their back to start what ultimately became a wildly successful stripper delivery service. 

No doubt, there’s decadence involved, but professionalism certainly isn’t lost on these two. Sex work is very much work, and where there’s work, there’s a business, and where there’s business, there’s money, and if you want to make a lot of it, you’re going to have to put on a suit from time to time – even if that means you have to be naked the rest of the time. 

Now, as promised, let’s talk about fetishes. I mentioned before that Moore and Jasmin create personalized fetish videos for customers worldwide, so we took some time to peel apart the specifics about what sort of deviant appetites they commonly find themselves catering to, what they absolutely will NOT do, and what their own personal fetishes look like. 

Making the videos

J: “It starts out with you filming your own content. You edit it, you upload it, and people can pay to download it. After the site has been up for a certain amount of time, then you can post your contact information. That’s when people will contact you personally and say something like, ‘Can you do this or that for this amount of time?’ Then we send them a custom quote.”

After the videos are sent directly to the user(s), they’re added to a large digital collection that you can access online through their site. Each new project in turn becomes part of a grander anthology of clips that illustrate the spectrum of what Chris and Jasmin can offer prospective clients. 

How do your fetishes fit into the process?

M: “Here’s my vortex – I want to shoot a certain type of scene that embodies my own fantasies. I have a step sibling fetish, so any sort of taboo, role play, that kind of thing… that’s what I want to shoot. I love it, other people love it, and there’s a lot of money to be made in that area.”

This one has always intrigued me personally. By and large, you could argue that it’s the most prevalent fetish in the current sexual climate, but why? In my last piece where I interviewed fetish model/OnlyFans girl Athena, we talked about the “step family” phenomenon and how it might appear alluring to someone who doesn’t actually have someone like that in their life – hence the fantasy. 

Moore, on the other hand, well…

“I had three hot step sisters when I was a kid. One of them caught me looking underneath her fucking bathroom door, and she was like, ‘No, it’s totally fine!’ She didn’t even cover up right away. That ate away at my head, and I thought to myself, ‘That’s your invite.’ 

And for the record, I did make it a point to ask. No, Moore never got to fuck any of his hot step sisters.

What are you generally filming?

J: “Initially thinking about sex work, I just always thought that it meant sex, like fucking or blowjobs and things like that. Just because it’s called ‘sex work’ doesn’t mean you’re automatically having sex. Sales for ‘porn’ are about 10% realistically.” 

Sometimes, sex has absolutely nothing to do with sex whatsoever – or at least not in the traditional sense. When I first heard that these two made custom fetish videos, I expected to get the inside scoop on some pretty outrageous subject matter, but strangely enough, what they often film isn’t really that strange; and that somehow makes the whole thing seem even stranger.

J: “I have beach balls and different inflatables, and for certain clips, I’ll just take a ball, blow it up, play with it, pop it, sit on it, or look into the camera and say like, ‘Oh, you like this beach ball?’ A lot of the stuff I do is mostly non-sexual, but for somebody who has an inflatable or beach ball or balloon fetish, the idea of seeing a cute girl blow up, pop, sit on, or talk to an object like that is very erotic.” 

Then of course, there’s bodily fluids to be considered.

J: “Some clients are into sneezing. I’ll just make myself sneeze or blow my nose, or I’ll let it ooze out of my nose. I sell a ton of snot, sneezing, nose blowing, nose fetish stuff on clips4sale.” 

They also have a client who pays to watch both of them urinate. As of late, whenever either of them has tot take a leak, they make it a point to bring the camera into the commode with them.  

What will you NOT film

J: “Most things don’t really surprise us anymore, but most of the crazier things involve like… defecation, which I’m not comfortable with. Every once in a while, I’ll get asked to eat a live goldfish or squash a frog or something. That’s something I’m just flat out not willing to do. Race play is another thing we stay away from. If something doesn’t feel right to me in my everyday life, I generally won’t film it.”

The more depraved appetites are definitely out there, but there seems to be a prevailing moral standard in the sex/fetish industry that holds its participants accountable and keeps the overtly taboo content from reaching screens across the web (thank god for that). 

M: “There’s always something in the back of my mind that says, ‘What if this is being recorded elsewhere?’ I’m definitely very conscious of things.” 

What’s the end goal?

M: “Our overall goal is to provide a safe space for sex workers in the adult entertainment industry. A place to educate anyone who might be new looking to get into sex work & help teach them where to start. Also to inform the public that us, sex workers, are people too & to be careful about their preconceived notions they might have about our kind.”

Moore explained how much of his and Jasmin’s operation moving forward will be tailored toward guiding those trying to rise in the porn industry (lo and behold, there’s a lot more to it than just pulling your cock out and swinging it around like a javelin).

Plenty of good things to come, but until then, keep cumming.