Raised in Florida, Samantha Marie Saglibene found music was more than just creativity and self-expression, It was also a source of strength to battle mental health issues such as eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. For many years she dove into musical theater, singing, and songwriting both for the love of performing and as a coping mechanism. It wouldn’t be until around 2020 when her college classes started to merge into an online platform, that she would start to get more serious about her talents. In early 2022, after a little encouragement from a friend, Samantha took one decisive trip to Los Angeles to fully pursue a career in music.

Characterized by her harrowing lyrics so full of honesty and the stark beauty of her melodies, Samantha Marie has just recently released a brand new single featuring her debut music video. the song’s titled “When You’re Not there” and it’s about the painful power of absence and longing.

“When You’re Not There” is kind of a song about addiction, only there are no real references to substances, instead the addiction described is that of other people, and the separation anxiety they can cause when they’re not immediately within reach.

” Cause when you’re not there

I’m out, I’m out of my mind, I’m scared

I doubt I’ll make it this time “

A deeper look into the lyrics (and with the narrative visuals in tow) reveals that there’s something more going on. “When You’re Not There” isn’t so much about being too hung up on someone but being with someone who’s spotty and may not necessarily be there for you when you really need them the most. 

Samantha herself says: ” The music video portrays being in love with someone that isn’t always reliable, leaving you wondering if you’re going to hear from them, making you feel special while you’re with them. “

The warm, hazy beat feels like a bit of a throwback aided by almost imperceptible, ethereal melodic backing, at the foreground the protagonist in its entirety is Samantha’s sultry vocals. Though the lyrics dip to grim outlooks at times, The way that Samantha sings throughout the track is rather proud and confident in contrast, turning the song into more of an anthem to independence and self-love rather than a meek, forlorn protest.