photo credits Alessia Bulani

Inspired by Female Pop icons such as Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Matilde G is not one to shy away from showing her talents and creativity when it comes to shattering music charts (where we saw her make it to the TOP10!) including bringing a young, fresh energy into the pop music scene not just in her music, but also in her attitude to put the ‘Matilde G’ flavor on the genre. She is a force to be reckoned with.

“This song is about a guy who cheated on me. This is sadly a current topic for those who are in teen relationships. Am I the victim of a hypocritical guy? The cheater is a victim of himself and his lies. Better to kick back and go further with strength and awareness of your own value, which is never determined by others. 

I wrote ‘Hypocrite’ to send a strong message to those who have been cheated on: do not be ashamed because the true loser is the cheater! I went through painful experiences that marked me but also made me stronger and more determined not to allow anyone to manipulate me and hurt me.”