Queer, Mexican-American musician and composer FELIX III releases his new video for “The Sounds I Make” today. FELIX III’s music focuses on giving into carnal pleasures at the cost of mental wellbeing – and centers around unlearning the damage caused by poverty, homophobia, higher education, heartbreak and the great sadness of not living up to the American Dream that we are conditioned to believe in as our ultimate goal.

Of “The Sounds I Make” and its accompanying video, FELIX III says: “This song is about dancing away your problems. ‘The Sounds I Make’ is my lyrical mantra. It is facing the things you aren’t happy with in your life, and letting them go. Every sound you make is a chance to grow, learn and expand your potential. I used Big Room style beats with rave-ready anthemic synths to drive the song forward, much like life. Then I used a modulating vocoder to change my voice as the song progresses like the way we change our points of view as we mature and grow wiser. 

The video is shot vertically. We want you to watch it on your phone, just like everything else. “The Sounds I Make” was shot in a swimming pool, a bathtub, and at the ocean. I wanted to capture the vulnerability of being in and beside a body of water. Water can be both healing and dangerous – one minute we are floating at the top, and the next we are under the waves. Being in water is also a place where we cast aside inhibitions and expose our bodies. As the ingenue in the video, we wanted that voyeuristic side of the starlet in the swimming pool gazing at the Hollywood producer debating how far he would go to get the part.”